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MESHH is a web site to aid in wetland design and management for endangered water birds in Hawaii, specifically, Hawaiian Stilt, Hawaiian Coot, Hawaiian Moorhen and Koloa.

What can you do on the MESHH site? You can...

Create and Edit Data

Create/Edit Exsting Wetlands Explore wetlands that have been created or make your own
Create/Edit Exsting Bird Groups Explore preferences for bird groups that have been created or make your own

Run Models

Predict Species Abundance Estimate abundance of each species for a wetland or wetland complex
Optimize a Wetland Modify existing wetland to maximize abundance of species
Design a New Wetland Create a new wetland that maximizes coots, moorhen, stilts, and koloa

This project was developed by:
J. Michael Reed [email] Tufts University
Nina Fefferman Rutgers University and DIMACS
Chris Elphick   University of Connecticut
David DesRochers   Dalton State College
Michael Silbernagle U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Funded by:
Icon_forestwildlife Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife Icon_fish U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Icon_pcjointPacific Coast Join Venture Tielogo_final Tufts Institute of the Environment